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Guerrilla Bob review for iPhone

Twinstick supremo Chillingo let Bob loose

Another Twinstick survival shooter comes raging out of the Chillingo/Angry Mob Games Stable. This time it's newcomer Guerrilla Bob's turn to dish out hot lead, flames and rockets to anybody who crosses his path.

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Alive 4-Ever Review single & multiplayer

JamieO and ipodgamer Co-Operation Carnage!

This is the first of hopefully many TiG FPRs (First Person Reviews). We have decided to alter the format of our review section for co-op games and now we review multiplayer as a two way conversation between two members of the TiG team.

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Video Gaming

Gaming fights off recession

Is the video gaming sector about to crunch to a halt? The answer is a definitive no – check out why......

In reality, while economic downturn may slightly alter the dynamics of the video gaming world – the sector is predicted to grow in popularity – good news for both gamers and the industry as a whole, such as online casino websites, gaming websites in general and developers.

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