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Guerrilla Bob review for iPhone

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Twinstick supremo Chillingo let Bob loose

Another Twinstick survival shooter comes raging out of the Chillingo/Angry Mob Games Stable. This time it's newcomer Guerrilla Bob's turn to dish out hot lead, flames and rockets to anybody who crosses his path.

Chillingo have a number of games in the survival shooter genre, namely Minigore and iDracula. So how does Guerrilla Bob stack up against these and other survival shooters? Can Bob topple old foe John Gore in the style and playability stakes? Read on to see what TiG think...


Graphically speaking Guerrilla Bob is lush, textures, colors and detail are very high. On current 3rd gen hardware the whole experience is a joy to behold. The graphics and main setting remind me very much of Team Fortress 2's style of visuals. Maybe it's just the desert setting but I think the humor and vibrancy of the game do have a TF2 feel to them. The 3D lighting effects (especially at night), character animation and overall style really capture the imagination and are beautifully implemented throughout the game. One slight concern is for users with older 2nd Gen hardware. One of our contributors, Yorkcountyflyer, has reported back to us that the game runs sluggishly and even locks up on occasion on his 2nd Gen iPod Touch. Maybe something to keep in mind if you're running older hardware. But who knows, maybe Chillingo/Angry Mob Games will submit optimisations for future updates. Overall Guerrilla Bob is right up there with the iPhone's big hitters.


Guerrila Bob characters

Audio is adequate but never really reaches epic proportions, the voice overs are fine but do become slightly irritating when Bobs plethora of catchphrases begin to repeat over and over. It is amusing and fun at first, but gets tiresome after a while. Thankfully you can turn them off and it doesn't detract from the action at all. The sound effects are decent but once again they fail to really capture the imagination, rocket's and machine guns are rather anemic. Popping and cracking as opposed to booming and well.. booming! Saving grace is the flame thrower, which emits a very pleasant hiss as you bathe your enemies in certain napalm soaked death.


Gameplay comes in 2 flavours, the first is the much anticipated story mode. TiG have been looking forward to this for a while, especially after we heard that John Gore of Minigore fame was to make an appearance. The game starts out building up the back story and John Gore is introduced as a childhood friend of Guerrilla Bob's. We don't want to spoil the story for you, but will advise that the story is not actually refered to in the game. However, a further encounter with John Gore is witnessed at the finale. Maybe this will be built upon in further updates? As for the gameplay, in story mode, it sure is fun but unfortunately it is rather brief. Maybe around an hour's actual playtime on easy level and a bit more on hard. The story mode is a nice addition but is lacking in depth.

Guerrilla Bob's task is to blast his way through a number of similarly looking desert town environments, slaying enemies along the way. It's fun for a while but quickly degrades into merely painting by numbers. There's no visible AI on any of the characters and you can quickly decipher the set algorithims and destroy all manner of foe with relative ease. Upgrades and goodies along the way do make the game more interesting and the highest rated flamethrower is absolutely awesome and packs a huge punch.

Mayhem at the Crossroads

There are a few levels that deviate from the norm, such as river rafting and escaping the clutches of a giant bulldozer/catapillar machine. Another plus side is the humor, it really is a funny game and the characters look solid and are have some great names, i.e. Pyro Billy, Rocket Robbie and the infamous Sam Butchefeller! It does make you chuckle out loud.

Once the story mode is finished, you get the chance to play in survival mode. This is not really a hardcore survival game, hence it's appeal will is targeted to the more casual players amongst us. It is very similar to Minigore in both style and to a certain degree execution. The goal is to kill and survive for as long as you can. Every so often you will face one of the game's boss characters, who upon there demise will issue you with either a health power-up or a weapons upgrade. It is actually pretty good and the inclusion of Chillingo's new social networking tool Crystal makes it fun to chase high score's etc.. But TiG still prefer Minigore and Alive 4Ever as stand alone survival shooters.


Control is administered by the universally accepted default Twinstick setup. It controls the game beautifully and makes it a no-brainer to navigate through the game with complete accuracy. TiG played on the default settings and have no complaints whatsoever. Another throughly solid twinstick implementation from Chillingo/Angrymob games. If you have played Minigore you will feel right at home with Guerrilla Bob.


As mentioned the story mode is all too brief and once you have finished, there really is only the survival mode to hold your interest. But if like us, you love chasing high scores then Guerrilla Bob will provide you with tons of fun well into the future.


When darkness falls...

Like most of the games coming from the top publishing houses, value is a no-brainer. A couple of bucks/pounds for a game that would cost significantly more on other platforms. Guerrilla Bob once again scores high on value as it's lastability for high score chasing, is a real plus point and what else can you buy for a few dollars these days. Having said that, it maybe would of been an idea to of upped the cost a little and developed the story side of the game a bit more. However TiG believes that the story telling aspect will be built upon in future updates, so no real complaints here.


Presentation is awesome, menu systems are well set out and the overall look and feel of the game is equal to anything currently on the platform. Signing up to Chilligo's Crystal network in-game is easy as pie and the whole presentation has that professional console like feel.

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